Droppington Place

You think you had a bad day, huh?

Twelve-year-old Byron Bishop gets pulled by the eyeball – yes, the eyeball – into a world made entirely of paper. Paper sky, paper streets, paper houses… even paper people.

On the plus side, he finds Hailey Shen and Kyle Rodriguez, two of his friends from school, equally trapped.

On the negative side, they are equally trapped, and they find that the place is run by a maniacal sawdust man that… well, you’ll just have to read the story.

Here’s the synopsis:

Twelve-year-old Byron Bishop, reeling from his parent’s breakup, finds himself mysteriously transported into a world made entirely of paper. With the help of his fellow captives Hailey and Kyle, he must find a way to escape the clutches of the paper world’s overlord, an Elizabethan playwright, and fight his way back to the real world.

Along the way trio must wrestle with a wicked sorcerer, endless pitfalls, and a paper demon bent on turning them into flatsos – the two-dimensional paper inhabitants of the paper world.

Their adventure takes them both backwards and forwards through time, and embroils them in a plot to murder Shakespeare himself.

Although it’s a tumultuous turn of events for bewildered Byron, he eventually comes to terms with his loss, with his inability to trust, and with a fundamental question about life itself.

You’d do well to download this funny, fast-paced adventure today! Droppington Place