Droppington Place

It’s a plot to murder William Shakespeare. To shut up the most annoying mouth in Queen Elizabeth’s England.

And who better to silence the Bard than playwright Winchester Penrose – well, not Penrose himself, but a homunculus, a magical copy, an alchemical version of him, that will revert to the sawdust from whence it came after the deed is done?

Christopher Marlowe, Shakespeare’s rival,  thinks it’s a capital plan, a perfect idea, right up until the sawdust man runs away with the sorcerer’s spellbook, and chaos breaks loose.

Twenty-first century Byron Bishop gets pulled by the eyeball – yes, the eyeball – into the world created by the homunculus Penrose: a world made entirely of paper. Paper sky, paper streets, paper houses… even paper people.

On the plus side, he finds Hailey Shen and Kyle Rodriguez, two of his friends from school, equally trapped.

On the negative side, they are equally trapped, and find that Penrose’s sawdust head is filled with some radical ideas about right and wrong, life and death.

Will they ever escape from Penrose’s magical clutches? Will they, too, get turned to paper? Will they get Penrose to stop his pathetic whining?

Droppington Place is a free-wheeling adventure through time, flickering between the real and the magical, the dramatic and the adventurous.  Join Byron, Hailey, and Kyle as they learn the awful secret that lies behind Droppington Place.

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