John D Reinhart

Phineas Caswell is the online home of technical writer/illustrator and author John D Reinhart.

As a technical writer/illustrator, he delights in teasing meaning out of the arcane, translating engineering complexities into everyday English, and tossing in helpful illustrations when needed. He’s crafted everything from business resumption plans to DIY guides. He’s just a whiz at creating images like this:

When he’s not knuckle-deep in technical terminology, you might find him exploring libraries, nautical museums, or a local airstrip. Although not a pilot, he is fascinated by flight and the things that accomplish it.

The road that has led to your reading this page has included long stops in business management, detours through extensive work in logistics, side trips to  a number of theatrical accomplishments, and an immeasurably satisfying adventure producing marketing videos and online content.

Catch this rare glimpse of him impersonating Haas Service Technician Andrew McGruff in this YouTube video: Haas Vector Drive Troubleshooting (he wrote, single-handedly shot, edited, and created all of the animations for this service video. Oh, he’s quite the guy).

He’s actually done a fair share of voice-over work as well. You can hear some of his impressions in the videos (links are on the Seriousness page). His real voice is the one naming the wrong ship in the Bonus Video.

His theatrical leanings bubble up in Droppington Place, his first published book. Penrose, the sawdust playwright, has much to say about theater, and presentation, and the craft of performance.

Marigold’s End is actually John’s first book. Together, both books put life into his passions for things that sail, things that are miniature, things that are engineered, and things that are just downright funny.

 Here’s a link to his writer’s blog: