Marigold’s End, A Phineas Caswell Adventure


Join Phineas on a wild adventure across the Caribbean Sea. Knocked clean over by a manta ray that tries to leap aboard, stung by a thousand splinters flung at him like tiny darts from a cannonball, forced into a battle of wits with the tyrannical, infantile Red Suarez, and flung into the sea by a horrific explosion, Phineas asks himself “do I have bad luck?”

Here’s the synopsis:

Phineas’ one goal in life is to become a “landed” gentleman, and to marry the exquisite Susannah Kilburn – lofty goals for a penniless twelve-year-old Bostonian in the year 1706.

His sea-captain father has disappeared into the Caribbean and is either dead, or, worse, rumored to have turned pirate. His best friend is accidentally drowned.  Naturally enough, priggish, arrogant Phineas has declared himself a sworn enemy of the ocean. To his horror,  he is forcibly taken to sea by his well-intentioned but rather daffy Uncle Neville.

He is forced to make his way among the frightening, gruff sailors aboard the indomitable Kathryn B.  From Ellis Duffy, the seacook that lost half his teeth to a cannonball, to Arthur Lourdburton, the stern, one-handed sailing master that threatens to keel-haul him for every mistake, he grudgingly learns a sailor’s life.

A larger plot boils around a treasure – something so valuable that it will change the map of Europe – stolen from a Spanish galleon by buccaneers. Something so precious, the Queen of England has dispatched secret agents to find and recover it.

What has become of the treasure? What happened to Patrick Caswell? Who are these agents? Only Red Suarez holds the key. But he’s the vicious, self-appointed pirate king of Port Royal. Leave it to Phineas to bumble his way into a stunning adventure filled with naval battles, chases, and an amazing, all-encompassing hurricane.

The sailor’s life has much to teach Phineas. Although he is a reluctant student, Phineas, and Taylor the cabin boy, find themselves handling boats, even ships, and standing face-to-face with cruel buccaneers. In the end, Phineas must learn the most difficult lesson of all in an adventure as vast as the sea itself.

So, don’t delay. Download your copy today! Marigold’s End, by John D Reinhart.